Food That Feeds Us… Foods That Kills Us

There is so many excuses and apparent reasons why one can’t eat healthy that it has the population confused on exactly what to do when it comes to nutrition and health.

Food That Feeds Us…Foods That Kills Us
Food That Feeds Us…Foods That Kills Us

Organic food is too expensive:  It takes three to four times the amount of regular food to get the right nutrients to the body as it does when you eat organic.  Therefore eating three to four times less food should fix the problem of cost.  Take into account that once you start eating organic you will have to work on your mind to reason the fact that you don’t need as much food, so it will take you a while to reduce quantities and portions

I can’t spend all day in the supermarket just reading labels:  If you can spend time binging on TV programs, hours on Facebook with your phone or just being a couch potato, then you have time to read INGREDIENT labels on food that can cause you harm or give you a better quality of life.  The good news is that you only have to do it once, for manufacturers of “good” food keep on manufacturing good food all the time.  All you need to do is spot check the ingredient labels periodically.  The foods that say “organic” are prohibited to have hormones, additives, preservatives, coloring, etc. by the FDA.  As long as those foods are not ‘deep fried’ you are safe.

I only like food that tastes good:Anything that is chemical free without added sugar, hormone free, etc. tastes just as good as foods with chemical processing, unless you are an addict and are addicted to the chemicals and extreme sugar in the products.  In that case I would seek a good drug addiction center that can help you out if you are not able to kick the habit yourself.
Foods that the body does not have the ability to fully process, due to manufacturer’s processing, use of additives, preservatives, and chemicals which strip them of any nutritional value causing harm the body when ingested or forcing the body to store such foods as fat Are Fake Foods ™ AKA: Drugs – Hector Sectzer

It is up to you to READ INGREDIENT LABELS!

Eating is not a form of entertainment.  We don’t find ourselves forcing fuel in the tank of your car when the tank is full.  If there’s no need for nutrition, there should be no need to eat.

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