Why Can´t I Lose Weight By Exercising?

There is a big misconception about the relation between losing weight and working out.  There’s no need to work-out to lose weight, because building the body is done in the kitchen, whether it is to lose or gain weight and chiseling the body is what the gym is for. 

However many of us when we make a decision to lose weight, we immediately join a gym and hit the cardio and the weights to accomplish our weight loss goal.  This works for some and not for others.  This also works for a little while and then it stops.  This also stresses us too much and eventually we quit.

Exercising is good for weight loss because in the initial stages it will reduce your desire for food intake, specially because you have determined yourself to achieve your particular weight loss.  Unfortunately as your body gets used to the exercise routine, your appetite will increase, the fat you burned off in your quest will be replaced by muscle from your workouts and you’ll end up heavier than when you started.

Why Can´t I Lose Weight By Exercising?
Why Can´t I Lose Weight By Exercising?

How can we overcome the problem of weight loss and fitness so the above doesn’t occur?

  1. Don’t over train.
  2. Don’t restrain your body from food as long as it is the body that asks and not your mind.
  3. Be respectful of REST, because that is when the body regenerates and your muscles grow.
  4. Don’t weigh yourself, because psychologically you are setting yourself for failure.
  5. Weigh yourself only one time, in the morning and then put that scale away till the next year.
  6. Make sure you combine the strength training correctly with the cardio.
  7. Cardio will get rid of essential minerals in your system, so make sure you replenish those with a daily multi-mineral supplement.
  8. Teach yourself to listen to your body and know the difference between body needs and mind commands.
  9. Constantly change your workout.

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