Why can’t I Build Muscle Even When I Take Powder Protein?

Why can’t I Build Muscle Even When I Take Powder Protein?
Why can’t I Build Muscle Even When I Take Powder Protein?

Protein is not a “cure all”, “fix all”; it is a supplementation that works best if you know how to follow a healthy nutritional program.  Donuts and protein won’t do the trick.  Excessive sugar and protein won’t do the trick.  Fillers, substitutes, coloring, additives, preservatives, unsaturated fats, simple carbohydrates and protein, will not amount to health, weight loss, or muscle building.  

Protein is not a “cure all”, “fix all”; it is a supplementation that works best if you know
Powder Protein Is Not a Magical Solution

Protein powder itself just serves as a super quick, convenient, and easy way of ensuring you consistently eat your ideal amount of protein per day, approximately “1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.”  Protein drinks are simple and easy to make, it involves s no preparing or cooking.  Just scoop the correct amount of protein as instructed in the label, pour in some type of liquid, mix for a few seconds (no blender needed) and drink up.  In less than a minute you’ll have a low calorie, muscle building, muscle protecting, and hunger preventing serving of protein supplementation with no complexity, time, or great effort involved.

Does Protein Really Work?

Yes.  Protein “works” as long as you understand that you must eat properly and follow a good nutritional guide.  Protein powder supplementation works for the various reasons. If used correctly and continuously protein powder can offer you the additional muscle mass and solid body you have been looking to accomplish.  However, if you’re asking if protein powder will do anything beyond what I’ve explained or if it has some kind of instant  magical benefits or miracle effects like many marketing and media ads claim, the answer is no.  Do not mistake hype with facts and advertising claims with reality.

Protein “works” as long as you understand that you must eat properly and follow a good nutritional guide
Powdered Protein Is Perfectly Safe

Protein powder doesn’t cause fat loss or muscle growth or anything similar.  Powdered protein won’t do anything other than provide you with a quick and convenient source of protein.  Everything else is up to you and how you handle your nutritional program and your fitness regimen.  No results are ever materialized without hard work involved.

Is Protein Powder Safe? Are There Any Side Effects to the use of Protein powder?

Protein powder is probably the safest supplement on the market there is.  For the typical healthy adult, it’s perfectly safe.  Some of the side effects of using the wrong protein are bloating and gas.

You should always check with your doctor before using any supplements or vitamins because he/she has your whole life history and will be able to point out any possible incorrect interactions between any prescribed drugs you might be taking and the supplements you are proposing to take.  As long as you don’t greatly exceed your ideal amount of protein per day, you have no pre-existing health issues and your doctor gives you the green light you really should have nothing to worry about.

That said, you should not overdo it and drastically reduce the carbohydrates, fats, supplements, and other ingredients in a well-balanced nutritional diet.  Too much protein and not enough of everything else can cause a change in the body’s metabolism that is unhealthy.  Again, plan for the long term and establish a healthy, balanced diet.

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