Fitness Training And Losing Weight

“Losing weight can become a losing proposition when we decide TO follow a fitness training program”

  • A fitness training program will in many cases drive you to crave more food than normal to repair the body.
  • Working out will build muscles which will make you weigh more if your nutrition habits are incorrect.
  • Working out will build muscles under your fat and make you look heavier.
  • The key element on losing weight is what you eat, not how hard you train.
  • Losing weight take a mental adjustment and the knowledge of what will happen when you change your habits. 
  • An incorrect fitness program can add unnecessary stress in your daily life.
Fitness Training And Losing Weight
Fitness Training And Losing Weight

For the above reasons its important that you research and study what is the best way to embark on a health program that will give you more strength, more energy and a better quality of life. 

Fitness Training And Losing Weight
Fitness Training And Losing Weight
  • One of the key elements of correct fitness practices is to have the body perform in Impact Activated Mode (I.A.M.)
  • The Impact activated Mode Requires maximum concentration, perfect breathing and form.
  • The (I.A.M.™) can only be performed for a short period of time before the body exhausts.
  • The (I.A.M. ™) period can be increased considerably with the F.I.T.™ Fitness Program.
  • Define your Window of Ultimate Physical Benefits™ and stay within your boundaries in your fitness program. More is not better, heavier is not better correct fitness practices are better.

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