Am I Showing Symptoms Of Compulsive Exercise?

Compulsive Exercising is a condition where exercising significantly interferes with important activities, occurs at inappropriate times or in inappropriate settings, or when the individual continues to exercise despite injury or other medical complications This is a very serious condition that can bring about some dangerous illnesses such as:

Am I Showing Symptoms Of Compulsive Exercise?
Compulsive Exercises include all forms of exercises
  • Bone density loss (osteopenia or osteoporosis) 
  • Loss of menstrual cycle (in women)
  • Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)
  • Persistent muscle soreness
  • Chronic bone & joint pain
Am I Showing Symptoms Of Compulsive Exercise?
Exercising too much leads to exaustion
  • Increased incidence of injury (overuse injuries, stress fractures, etc.)
  • Persistent fatigue and sluggishness
  • Altered resting heart rate
  • Increased frequency of illness & upper respiratory infections
Am I Showing Symptoms Of Compulsive Exercise?
Compulsive exercise leads to irrational behavior

When an individual is affected with this disease, they find themselves with intense anxiety, depression, irritability, feelings of guilt, and/or distress if unable to exercise. These individuals maintain an excessive and rigid training regimen regardless of being fatigued, incurring injuries, or getting sick. A feeling of insecurity and unworthiness drives these individuals to try to be stronger, faster, overtraining and pushing past the exhaustion limits of the body. Due to this condition they begin to become withdrawn, secretive and defensive with friends and family.

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