15 Reasons why we get Hurt Working Out

Here is a list of the 15 reasons why we can injure ourselves when we exercise.

Getting hurt working out

  1. We are handling “iron” objects which, regardless of their weight, are in a dense, compact form and when set in motion can inflict pain, damage, and/or injury to the user.
  2. We sacrifice correct form and careful movements during the exercise to “go to the next level” by increasing the weight in our workouts, whether it is time to do so or not.
  3. Because we are in a “workout” setting and not in our normal day-to-day environment we disregard the principle of carefully moving those iron objects (from one area to another) as not to get injured.
  4. We sacrifice correct form and careful movements during the exercise to do more repetitions, whether it is safe to do so or not.
  5. We perform damaging “cheating” movements to lift heavier weights which damage our joints, ligaments, and tendons.
  6. Keeping in mind that a weight in motion exerts a force many times its own weight, typically 14 times or more in a workout situation every incorrect move we make applies hundreds of pounds of pressure on our tendons, ligaments, and joints.  Ultimate conclusion…injury.
  7. We have no idea when or whether we should go up in weight during our workouts.
  8. Most of us are clueless in the world of working out, but think we know what it takes to stay fit.
  9. We have no idea how long a workout should last.
  10. We tend to disregard the need for concentration, correct breathing and correct form…because we believe that working out is a brainless activity.
  11. We actually allow young “kids” that have a mere couple of days to a week of training to get a “trainer’s”  license, tell us how to work out, how to eat, and how such work-out will affect a person TWICE their age or more.
  12. In a normal day-to-day situation we would never allow such heavy objects as we use during working-out to exert that type of pressure on our joints, ligaments, and tendons.
  13. In workout without concentration, form or correct breathing.
  14. We don’t see improvement.
  15. We get bored working out and don’t pay attention to what we are doing
hurt working out
Hurt Working Out

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