The Key To a Healthy Workout

The most important PHYSICAL aspect of Healthy Workout to executing a correct fitness program without injury or duress to your system is “correct form.”

There are different periods of time in a person’s fitness activity when concentration broken and “bad form” takes over. 

“Correct Form: The dictating factor as to whether one will achieve prolonged success or future failure.– Hector Sectzer

Healthy Workout
Healthy Workout

COUNTING REPETITIONS:  The prestidigitation of all workouts – Hector Sectzer

The most “DANGEROUS” aspect during a Healthy Workout must be avoided at all costs to get maximum results and avoid getting hurt is counting repetitions. 

Counting repetitions takes your mind away from the objective at hand forcing you to perform damaging movements to try to get every single repetition in.

Some of the damaging results of counting repetitions are:

  • Sacrificing form
  • Over stressing the muscles
  • Strain of supporting muscles
  • Compromised breathing
  • Forced cheating
  • Long term damage

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