Rules Understanding Physical Activity And Overall Fitness

Point Of Diminishing Returns

The body has a point in which it no longer benefits from “correct” strength training and becomes fatigued. For most of us that P.D.R. is 15 minutes. At that point more damage is done to the muscle than the benefits of the exercise itself. Small and stabilizing muscles must be strengthened to be able to increase the P.D.R. range.

For our lung capacity and strengthening of the heart we increase our tolerance to the exercises by increasing our cardio. While cardio has its benefits it also has its drawbacks.

  • Cardio sweats out too many vitamins and minerals out of your system.

  • Cardio usually includes some sort of “impact” workout that damages your ligaments, tendons and joints in your body.

  • Elliptical equipment restricts the free movements of your lower body damaging the hips and irritating the sciatic nerve.

  • Cardio takes too much of our time.

  • Cardio wears down the body and affects good posture.

  • When we get tired in a cardio workout, we cannot hold good form and posture and we create future damage to our body.

The F.I.T.™ System includes Cardiomuscular™ and Pyrasetting™ fitness practices*. The F.I.T.™ training done correctly actually gives all the benefits to the muscle that cardio does to the heart and lungs without the possibility for injury.

Additionally, one side effect of the F.I.T.™ training program is that it actually lowers your heart rate and increases endurance.

The F.I.T.™ System is 15 minutes long with no more than 3 to 5 pounds for beginners.

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