Rules On The Purpose Of Fitness Training

“The real purpose of a fitness training program is to work out to stay fit, strong and to experience a better quality of life.” – Hector Sectzer

  • Fitness is designed to prolong the quality of life of a person.
  • Fitness does not include grueling workouts with future damaging results.
  • Fitness for the everyday individual is designed to make constant improvements throughout their lives to be able to prolong the strength of the muscles and cardiovascular system and to keep bones, joints, ligaments and tendons as well as inside organs from deteriorating from abuse. This is referred to as I.P.P.R.
  • Our bodies undergo this Increased Period of Positive Results during Fitness workouts, or I.P.P.R.
  • Correct form, breathing, and concentration in a Fitness Program will result in 10 times the rapid growth and the elimination of present and future injuries.
  • The P.D.R™ is the Window of Ultimate Physical Benefits
Outdoor fitness class
An outdoor fitness class in support of good health.
  • One of the key elements of correct fitness practices is to have the body perform in Impact Activated Mode (I.A.M.)
  • The Impact activated Mode Requires maximum concentration, perfect breathing and form.
  • The (I.A.M.™) can only be performed for a short period of time before the body exhausts.
  • The (I.A.M. ™) period can be increased considerably with the F.I.T.™ Fitness Program.
  • Define your Window Of Ultimate Physical Benefits™ and stay within your boundaries in your fitness program. More is not better, heavier is not better correct fitness practices are better.
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